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Disasters, large-scale emergencies and dangerous epidemics can occur at any moment. When they do happen, they can send entire cities into lockdown, leading panic-buyers to raid stores for supplies. With how easily supplies can run out when SHTF (as can be seen with the recent pandemic in China), it is now more important than ever to stock up on high-quality prepping supplies even before an emergency occurs.

The Health Ranger Store is committed to giving you the greatest advantage during emergency situations. Here is your chance to get your hands on high-quality respirator masks (N99), Ranger Gear and other emergency supplies! Don't take any chances when your survival is on the line. You can count on the Health Ranger Store to provide top-tier survival solutions that can keep you safe and healthy in almost any emergency situation.


N99 ReadiMask™ with Eyeshield and

Ranger Gear survival supplies

ReadiMask™ with Eyeshield

(Adult) – Grey Color

Pathogens and external threats are invisible to the naked eye, and so are much harder to see coming. If an outbreak sweeps through your community, you must be prepared with the kind of protection offered by a military-grade respirator mask. Currently, there is a worldwide shortage of high-quality respirator masks, but the Health Ranger Store has gone to great lengths to secure limited inventories of the ReadiMask™ with EyeShield.

Revolutionizing the mask industry, the ReadiMask™ Particulate Respirator is the only adhesive sealing full face mask with anti-fog eye shield designed to conform to your face to provide protection against current and emerging respiratory threats. The ReadiMask™ with Eyeshield is a military grade, N99 mask that can filter out 99.99% of particulates, viruses and other pathogens without impairing your breathing.

Certified P2 in Australia & New Zealand, this single-use mask reduces your risk of exposure to certain external threats such as particulate contaminants, spores, allergens, mold, dust, debris, pepper spray, pollution, smoke particles and other hazardous particles. Developed and manufactured by Global Safety First LLC (GSF), the ReadiMask™ with Eyeshield uses a hypoallergenic medical adhesive with a patented sealing system. This adhesive forms a complete seal around all edges, while still being comfortable and easy to breathe in.

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How does the

ReadiMask™ work? 

As an N99 mask, the ReadiMask™ with Eyeshield can filter out up to 99% of particulate matter in the air. With its high efficiency filter, this respirator mask substantially reduces your exposure to:

Pepper spray

Spit and

bodily fluids

Smoke particles



Hazardous particles






Asbestos, and MORE!

Viruses and pathogens

The ReadiMask™ with Eyeshield has gone through extensive lab testing by NIOSH and Nelson Labs.

(Actual packaging may vary due to the need for multiple sources of the same product.)

Special features of the

ReadiMask™ with Eyeshield

High efficiency filter – Thoroughly lab tested to block 99.99% of particulate matter, the ReadiMask™’s high efficiency filter provides two-way filtration, allowing you to breathe clean air in any emergency situation, while still being comfortable. It is also fluid-resistant and will not get in the way of audio communication. 

Integrated anti-fog eye shield – The ReadiMask™’s anti-fog eye shield provides maximum protection against harmful irritants and airborne particulates. Since it is specially designed not to fog up, the eye shield will not impede your vision when you need it the most. It is eyeglass compatible and completely transparent.

Hypoallergenic medical adhesive – The fluid-resistant and hypoallergenic medical grade adhesive effectively creates a complete perimeter seal around your face, offering enhanced protection designed to fit comfortably with no painful elastic straps or bulky metal clips. It easily affixes to your skin without causing any irritation.

How to wear the

ReadiMask™ with Eyeshield?

The ReadiMask™ with EyeShield is incredibly easy to use.

(Actual packaging may vary due to the need for multiple sources of the same product.)

Why choose the ReadiMask™ with Eyeshield?

It was developed with professionals in mind – The ReadiMask™ with Eyeshield is ideal for law enforcement agents, first responders, military personnel, corrections officers, health care workers, industrial workers, immuno-compromised patients and civilians in emergency situations.

It is designed to fit comfortably – The ReadiMask™ with Eyeshield conforms to the shape of your face and is easier to use than traditional masks. It has no painful elastic straps and no bulky metal nose clip – significantly enhancing user comfort and field of view. It is also completely eyeglass compatible.

It is safe and easy to attach to your face – The hypoallergenic medical adhesive effectively seals the mask to your face for improved protection without causing any irritation.

It is easy to breathe in – The ReadiMask™ with Eyeshield uses space age filter media, which reduces breathing resistance. It also allows you to speak clearly while wearing it.

It is easy to carry – Lightweight, flat and compact, the ReadiMask™ with Eyeshield comes in a flat configuration that makes it easy to stow in a cargo pocket, tactical vest or go bag.

Family Maximum

Pandemic Protection Kit

In case of an epidemic, you can avoid unwanted contamination with the Family Maximum Pandemic Protection Kit, the ultimate protection kit against external threats and pathogens.

A category of gear by the CDC and the WHO for prevention response to widespread pandemics, our protection kits can provide six days' worth of critical prevention. Each well-stocked kit contains enough equipment for a family of four or more, including pathogen-barrier masks, surgical gloves, a full-body biohazard suit and more. 

MSRP: $199.00

Your Price: $149.00

Savings: $50.00 (25%)




Family Ultimate

Pandemic Protection Kit

Protect your family from pathogens and external threats with the Family Ultimate Pandemic Protection Kit. Recommended for prevention response to extreme viral outbreaks, this is our most complete family protection kit. It comes equipped with all the medical items you need to take the utmost precaution against most external threats, such as adult and child respirator masks, full-body bio-protection suits, face shields, surgical gloves for adults and children, anti-microbial wipes, Kleenex tissues, disposable thermometers, (vital for detection of fever) and biohazard bags. All included supplies are OSHA-approved, CDC-recommended, name-brand products.

MSRP: $299.00

Your Price: $249.00

Savings: $50.00 (17%)




Responder Pandemic Protection Kit

The Responder Pandemic Protection Kit is designed to equip first responders, care givers and heads of house with maximum protection against pathogens and external threats. This kit includes adult particulate and surgical masks, full-body bio-protection suits, face shields, surgical gloves for adults, safety glasses, anti-microbial wipes, Kleenex tissues, disposable and digital thermometers (vital for detection of fever), shoe covers, emergency blankets, disinfectant spray, light stick, spray pump, duct tape, barrier tape and biohazard stickers and bags. The Responder Pandemic Protection Kit is one of the few Pandemic Kits that include a No Touch Medical Digital Thermometer for detecting fever.    

Responder Pandemic Protection Kit

MSRP: $299.00

Your Price: $199.00

Savings: $100.00 (33%)





Ranger Gear brings you several unique and valuable preparedness products that can be of great use when SHTF. If you ever find yourself in an emergency lockdown scenario, our wide selection of high-quality Ranger Gear products can help you survive almost any emergency situation.


Multifunction Shovel with Tools

A durable multifunction shovel can be of great use during an emergency lockdown situation. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, both our Ranger Gear Emergency Multifunction Shovel with Tools and Ranger Gear Extreme Multifunction Shovel with Tools include an impressive assortment of tools that can aid almost any outdoor activity, including emergency situations.

You can use them to dig, hoe, hammer, chop wood, start fires, cut rope and wire, scale fish, open bottles, take measurements, break glass, tie safety cordage, whistle for help and more. They can also serve as formidable weapons for self-defense. Easy to assemble and disassemble, they both fit perfectly in their own rugged, portable bags.

The Ranger Gear Emergency Multifunction Shovel with Tools features 16 tools. Its adjustable blade can be locked securely into three useful angles and used as a hook, hoe or shovel.

Ranger Gear Extreme Multifunction Shovel with Tools includes 15 tools, and this "extreme" version features a super durable riveted connection plate that offers enhanced structural rigidity compared to our more affordable version of this shovel.

MSRP: $139.00

Your Price: $89.95

Savings: $49.05 (35%)

Ranger Gear Emergency Multifunctional Shovel with Tools

MSRP: $169.00

Your Price: $129.95

Savings: $39.05 (23%)

Ranger Gear Extreme Multifunction Shovel with Tools








Having the right tools at the right time can make any situation a lot easier to deal with. Ranger Gear Credit Card Survival Multi-Tool and Ranger Rescue Emergency Multi-Tool products both allow you to have these tools right at your fingertips and they can fit comfortably in your wallet. With their 100% metal durability and rugged metal construction, they will easily stand years of repeated use. Plus, being made of stainless steel means that they will also resist rust.

The Ranger Gear Credit Card Survival Multi-tool includes 11 tools: wood saw, ruler, hex nut wrench, bottle cap opener, steel can opener, cutting blade, two-position wrench, butterfly wrench, flat head screwdriver, sun direction indicator and a keychain hole.

The Ranger Rescue Emergency Multi-tool provides 13 tools, including a can opener, bottle opener, lanyard hole, saw blade, hex wrench, cutting edge, butterfly screw wrench, four wire strippers, directional indicator, slotted screwdriver, emergency cord, ruler and open cutter.




Ranger Gear Credit Card

Survival Multi-tool

MSRP: $9.95

Your Price: $5.95

Savings: $4.00 (40%)

Ranger Gear

Emergency Multi-tool


MSRP: $14.95

Your Price: $8.95

Savings: $6.00 (40%)





 Folding Credit Card Knife

(Metal and Polymer handles)

A sharp folding knife is a great tool to have on hand in case you need to cut things open or defend yourself. Regular survival knives, however, are not so easy to bring around inconspicuously. Extremely portable and convenient, the Ranger Gear Folding Credit Card Knife should be an essential part of any emergency preparedness kit.

In mere seconds, you can transform this "credit card" into a functioning knife, with dozens of practical applications in emergencies or even in everyday life.

Like a credit card, it fits comfortably in your wallet, but concealed inside is a 65 mm polished stainless steel blade. When carefully folded according to instructions, the blade locks into position with a sturdy handle. When not in use, it can be easily folded back and locked into its original safety position.

While it isn't a combat knife, it can stand up to many emergency uses. Our high-quality folding knives come packaged in an eco-friendly CD-sized folder. You can choose between the Polymer Handle or Metal Handle versions.

Ranger Gear Folding Credit Card Knife (Polymer Handle)




MSRP: $13.95

Your Price: $7.95

Savings: $6.00 (43%)

Ranger Gear Folding Credit Card Knife (Metal handle)




MSRP: $14.95

Your Price: $9.95

Savings: $5.00 (33%)

Cooking outdoors can now be a breeze with the Ranger Gear Outdoor Mini Camp Stove. Practical and convenient, it's an indispensable companion for your personal preparedness needs. Combined with readily available fuel cans, this mini-camp stove allows you to boil water, cook meals or brew coffee anywhere and anytime! It is made of durable and sturdy aluminum alloy and stainless steel and features a built-in ignition and flame control knob.

Foldable, lightweight and ultra-portable, the Ranger Gear Outdoor Mini Camp Stove burns clean and leaves no debris behind. It is ideal for any outdoor activity and is fit for bug pots.

MSRP: $29.99

Your Price: $14.99

Savings: $15.00 (50%)


Mini Camp Stove





A length of sturdy and reliable paracord is a must-have survival tool for any preparedness kit. It can come in handy whenever you need to build a temporary shelter, fasten a splint, or tie things together. This convenient bracelet enables you to carry several feet of paracord with you at all times, for use in an emergency or countless survival situations.

Each Ranger Gear Paracord Bracelet includes a 550 paracord, seven-strand core, a high-decibel whistle, a serrated cutting edge, and a flint stone fire starter, providing extra tools for your prepping needs. You can either get our basic paracord bracelet or the version that comes with a functional watch and compass.

MSRP: $17.99

Your Price: $14.95

Savings: $3.04 (17%)

Ranger Gear

Paracord Bracelet

MSRP: $29.99

Your Price: $24.95

Savings: $5.04 (17%)


Ranger Gear

Paracord Bracelet

with Watch











Regular chainsaws require fuel and occasional maintenance. They are also bulky and difficult to carry around. The Ranger Gear Pocket Chainsaw offers a more compact and portable alternative for cutting wood wherever and whenever you need to, and without any fuel. Wrap the chain around a branch, and pull on the handles on each side of the chain to cut.

It is lightweight, easy to use, and much safer than conventional chainsaws. From cutting firewood while camping to trimming branches in your own backyard, the Ranger Gear Pocket Chainsaw is an all-around useful tool for your prepping needs.


MSRP: $15.99

Your Price: $12.95

Savings: $3.04 (19%)

Don't let the next disaster catch you off-guard. The Health Ranger Store is here to help you secure the safety and well-being of yourself and your loved ones. Choose from our premium selection of Ranger Gear, respirator masks and emergency survival supplies. You can trust that our survival solutions are of the highest quality.

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